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Quiet News Day Episode 100

13 Oct

Hello and welcome to Quiet News Day Episode 100 – we have reached a full century!

This week your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing don’t disappoint as they do what they do best and discuss the best journalism, PR and social media stories of the week. Kicking off the show is a discussion about father Chris White and how he was question by police for taking pictures of his daughter the Braehead Shopping Centre. The pair move on to the new Scotsman website and are keen to hear your thoughts about it.

Finally there is a discussion about the Facebook app for iPad and a few Twitter mishaps including freelance journalist Rob Crilly.

As ever links to everything discussed in this week’s podcast can be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day Episode 98

28 Sep 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Well we are just two more episodes away from our centenary milestone and we are showing no signs of slowing down in our old age with this jam packed podcast featuring the latest social media, journalism and public relations news and views.

Fresh faced from a week away and back at his co-hosts side Peter Laing and Scott Douglas talk through the big issues this week, including media regulation, how TUPE is infiltrating the PR profession, access to journalism and why twitter is moving home. All this in under 40minutes!

As ever links to everything discussed in this week’s podcast can be found in the show notes below

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Quiet News Day 89

22 Jul


Apologies as the podcast is slightly late this week but it is certainly worth waiting for. Scott Douglas has returned from his holidays but now Peter Laing has decided to escape. But do not despair Craig McGill from Contently Managed had stepped up to the task and the pair delve into this week’s journalism, PR and social media news.

Scott has managed to miss two of the biggest media stories of the past year including the News of the World phone hacking scandal and the launch of Google+, Google’s very own social networking site.  So this week the pair discuss the latest developments concerning Rupert Murdoch and his company and how the PR sector may be benefitting from the scandal. They  also discuss how they think Google+ will fare in the open market.

Quiet News Day 87

6 Jul


This week Scott Douglas is off on holiday leaving Peter Laing to hold the fort. But keeping him company and slipping into the co-host chair is Young Student Journalist of the Year winner Alan Robertson.

 The pair delve into the delights of social media, journalism and public relations in a podcast which mixes the views of the experienced journalist and the new.

Top of the agenda is an interview with Craig McGill, managing director of social media firm Contently Managed, who discusses brand journalism and his new recruit Iain Hepburn. Next up is a topic which will have Mr Douglas’ ears pricked wherever he is as the duo discusses Twitter leaks by celebrities and the plans of the BBC to reign in what stars are allowed to tweet. And as Alan admits that he is a newbie to the world of Twitter discussions move onto the nation’s fear of communications technology. Rounding off the podcast is a look to the future of journalism with some insights from Charles McGee.

And here are all of the links to the topics discussed in today’s show.

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Quiet News Day Podcast 77

27 Apr 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Hello and welcome to this week’s Quiet News Day podcast!

A bit of a love in this week as Scott Douglas and Peter Laing take us down the aisle and discuss the latest Royal Wedding faux pas, how social media has become a platform for sectarianism in football and how our very own Peter found himself in the middle of a plagiarism row.

As usual links to the topics discussed can be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day – Podcast 72

23 Mar

Hello and welcome to this week’s Quiet News Day with your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing.

This week the show takes on a different format with a special interview with Roddy McRae who is the sales director of Pacific Coast News – a paparazzi picture agency based in sunny California.

He gives an insight into what it is like working in a world of hunting down celebrities and also talks about changes in the industry and how much a set of sought-after pictures could fetch. You may be surprised!

Quiet News Day – Podcast 66

9 Feb

Howdy folks,

Another week and a new presenting partner for Scott Douglas.  Stepping into Shaun Milne’s shoes is Deadline’s new Managing Editor, Peter Laing.

The fresh faced, sweet talker Laing joins Mr Douglas for chitter chatter and a bit of huff and puff when they talk about AOL’s takeover of The Huffington Post, student publications, the cost of internships  and the discussion topic this week is Deadline News and its multimedia endeavours.

Enjoy and don’t forget to get in touch @quietnewsday

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