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Quiet News Day – Episode 105

24 Nov

Welcome to episoe 105 of Quiet News Day – your weekly helping of the best stories from the world of journalism, social media and public relations.

This week, presenters Scott Douglas and Peter Laing talk through the biggest stories of the week, including the lastest from the ongoing phone hacking enquiry and how new guidelines for membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) will affect PR practitioners across the UK.

Scott then talks about the ups and downs of his trial of the new Microsoft mobile phone before the two hosts discuss a new list of the top mobile apps and the importance of having a great corporate website.  

As always, links to the stories discussed can be viewed in the shownotes below.

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Quiet News Day Episode 98

28 Sep 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Well we are just two more episodes away from our centenary milestone and we are showing no signs of slowing down in our old age with this jam packed podcast featuring the latest social media, journalism and public relations news and views.

Fresh faced from a week away and back at his co-hosts side Peter Laing and Scott Douglas talk through the big issues this week, including media regulation, how TUPE is infiltrating the PR profession, access to journalism and why twitter is moving home. All this in under 40minutes!

As ever links to everything discussed in this week’s podcast can be found in the show notes below

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Quiet News Day Episode 96

14 Sep

Welcome to episode 96 of Quiet News Day – your weekly installment of news, social media and public relations.

This week, hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing lead take you for a run through of the hottest topics in the news, including the latest News International issues, the possible launch of a Sunday Sun, how Brian Souter’s website was blocked from the Google rankings and how an innovative news editor is recruiting new reporters through twitter.

So sit back, relax and get listening – as always our show notes can be read below!

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Quiet News Day 91

3 Aug 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg


Just like any good on off relationship Scott Douglas and Peter Laing are back together again and in spectacular style to discuss the latest developments in the world of journalism, social media and public relations.

Making up for lost time, this week the duo cover a wide range of topics including the recent rumblings at the News of the World, copyright law which is threatening news cutting services, apple and Twitter’s impressive annual worth as well as discussing a subject closer to home – the Daily Record.

As always links to everything discussed this week can be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day 89

22 Jul


Apologies as the podcast is slightly late this week but it is certainly worth waiting for. Scott Douglas has returned from his holidays but now Peter Laing has decided to escape. But do not despair Craig McGill from Contently Managed had stepped up to the task and the pair delve into this week’s journalism, PR and social media news.

Scott has managed to miss two of the biggest media stories of the past year including the News of the World phone hacking scandal and the launch of Google+, Google’s very own social networking site.  So this week the pair discuss the latest developments concerning Rupert Murdoch and his company and how the PR sector may be benefitting from the scandal. They  also discuss how they think Google+ will fare in the open market.

Quiet News Day Podcast 75

13 Apr 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Hello and welcome to your weekly installment of Quiet News Day.

This week Peter Laing takes a well deserved rest, so we have Scott Douglas at the helm taking us through space, Google, smartphones and CIPR and just in case we were missing him too much Peter has kindly taken time from his break to provide some interesting insights on the topics discussed.

More information about any of our topics can as usual be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day – Podcast 70

9 Mar 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Welcome to Quiet News Day with your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing serving up your weekly slice of journalism, PR and social media.

For starters this week search engines have been over taken by a flock of Angry Birds as they join up with Bing, prompting the subject of the importance of Search and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For mains we will be serving up the Freedom of Information Act with a side of David Cameron’s YouTube appearance which has taken the video world by storm. Then if you’ve room a trio of BBC Iplayer, Blogs and Caledonian Mercury’s Third Way for dessert!

Plenty to keep you going throughout the day!

Everything on our menu is included in the show notes below allowing you to get the most out of the podcast!

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