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Quiet News Day – Episode 105

24 Nov

Welcome to episoe 105 of Quiet News Day – your weekly helping of the best stories from the world of journalism, social media and public relations.

This week, presenters Scott Douglas and Peter Laing talk through the biggest stories of the week, including the lastest from the ongoing phone hacking enquiry and how new guidelines for membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) will affect PR practitioners across the UK.

Scott then talks about the ups and downs of his trial of the new Microsoft mobile phone before the two hosts discuss a new list of the top mobile apps and the importance of having a great corporate website.  

As always, links to the stories discussed can be viewed in the shownotes below.

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Quiet News Day – Episode 103

10 Nov

Hello and welcome to Quiet News Day. Our 103’rd episode is an absolute belter – filled to the brim with the best stories of the week from the world of social media, pulic relations and journalism. 

This week, our dynamic duo of presenters, Scott Douglas and Peter Laing, analyse some of the biggest topics making the headlines including whether mobile flash and Silverlight are dying a quick death in the world of mobile technology, and how Stumbleupon is helping print media outlets.

The pair then turn their attention to twitter and social media, where they look at the world’s top news tweeters, how the Scottish Parliament has banned twitter during sessions, and the rise of Google plus for businesses.

As ever, all the links to the topics discussed are in the shownotes below.


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Quiet News Day Episode 97

21 Sep

Welcome to another edition of Quiet News Day – the weekly podcast examining the big issues in the world of public relations, journalism and social media.

This week, episode 97 is without co-host Peter Laing who is away on holiday, so Scott Douglas is flying solo in the hot seat as he discusses the latest PR, journalism and social media news.

Among the topics for discussion this week is the recent Populus survey showing that print media remains the most trustworthy news source for the majority of readers in the UK. Other stories include the forthcoming launch of the Sunday Sun, Westminster council’s pledge to monitor social media and the latest developments in the case of Stagecoach boss Brian Souter’s personal website’s snub by Google.

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Quiet News Day Episode 96

14 Sep

Welcome to episode 96 of Quiet News Day – your weekly installment of news, social media and public relations.

This week, hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing lead take you for a run through of the hottest topics in the news, including the latest News International issues, the possible launch of a Sunday Sun, how Brian Souter’s website was blocked from the Google rankings and how an innovative news editor is recruiting new reporters through twitter.

So sit back, relax and get listening – as always our show notes can be read below!

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Quiet News Day – Podcast 69

2 Mar

Call me Eagle Hawk and stand clear of rickety wooden structures for I am angry.

This week’s episode of QND begins with angry birds and it very nearly ended with angry birds due to uncontrollable laughter from hosts Peter Laing and Scott Douglas.  Stayed tuned for the outtakes which will be released separately.

Featured this week in addition to those bad tempered feathered things is a discussion on the Today programme about boundaries in PR, Channel 6, the future of the newspaper and Times journalist Melanie Reid who was paralysed in an accident and has been nominated for columnist of the year in the 2011 Press Awards.

This is my (Clare Carswell) last show as producer.  Thanks to hosts old and new for an enjoyable five months and best of luck for the future.

So all that is left to be said is cheerio!

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Quiet News Day – Podcast 68

23 Feb

In this week’s podcast, Scott Douglas and Peter Laing talk Google, Apple, Twitter, The Dundee Courier and pornstar names.  Yes QND 68 has got it all.  Enjoy.

Quiet News Day – Podcast 67

16 Feb

Welcome to episode 67 of Scotland’s leading media podcast hosted by experts, Scott Douglas and Peter Laing.

This week topics covered include the impending visit of Kate and Wills to St. Andrews next week, The Sunday Times App list, Brian Souter backing SNP funding, the yellow pages reviving a favourite advert and we even have a feature interview from Joe Walton at Real PR in Glasgow.

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