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Quiet News Day Podcast Episode 85

22 Jun 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Ears at the ready for episode 85 of the podcast which gives you all the latest journalism, social media and public relations news and views.

This week Scott Douglas and Peter Laing discuss the latest stories to rock the media world including Panorama’s underhand journalism tactics which accused Primark of using slave labour and how Alex Salmond unleashed a torrent of insults on one of Scotland’s best selling newspapers.

The duo also discuss one PR agency’s unusual approach to agency structure as well as the true entertainment value of 3D TV.

As ever links to all the topics discussed can be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day Podcast 79

11 May 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Super injunctions at the ready its Quiet News Day episode 79, with your weekly dose of social media, journalism and public relations news.

Your hosts who can be named Scott Douglas and Peter Laing take you through the latest issues surrounding super injunctions and how social networks are pushing their restrictions to the limit. We also celebrate Scottish public relations and look at some of the companies who have made the industry’s top 100, as well as taking a look at coverage during the Scottish general elections. Just in case we’ve forgotten about all things Royal we discuss the phenomenal headlines made by Pippa Middleton.

If you’re left wanting more information, then don’t worry unlike a super injunction, you can find links to everything discussed can be found in the show notes below.

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