Quiet News Day 91

3 Aug 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg


Just like any good on off relationship Scott Douglas and Peter Laing are back together again and in spectacular style to discuss the latest developments in the world of journalism, social media and public relations.

Making up for lost time, this week the duo cover a wide range of topics including the recent rumblings at the News of the World, copyright law which is threatening news cutting services, apple and Twitter’s impressive annual worth as well as discussing a subject closer to home – the Daily Record.

As always links to everything discussed this week can be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day 90

27 Jul 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Hello and welcome to this week’s Quiet News Day Podcast,

With Peter Laing away for a second week Scott Douglas takes to the reigns, for this week’s race through the latest social media, journalism and public relations news.

This week we have not one but two interviews; the first from Tricia Fox a leading PR professional who inadvertently found herself in the middle of a blogosphere furore after a blog about the late Amy Winehouse didn’t go down too well with the online world.

Next up Scott chats to graphic designer and ex Daily Record journalist Martin Kielty about his forthcoming book ‘Old The Front Page’ which takes historical news and changes them into a collection of modern day tabloids. As well as the book Scott and Martin also discuss the longevity of tabloids, the publishing industry, as well as the power of social media marketing.

So lot’s of news and views to keep you going through the day!

As ever, everything we have talked about in the show can be found in our show notes below.

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Quiet News Day 89

22 Jul


Apologies as the podcast is slightly late this week but it is certainly worth waiting for. Scott Douglas has returned from his holidays but now Peter Laing has decided to escape. But do not despair Craig McGill from Contently Managed had stepped up to the task and the pair delve into this week’s journalism, PR and social media news.

Scott has managed to miss two of the biggest media stories of the past year including the News of the World phone hacking scandal and the launch of Google+, Google’s very own social networking site.  So this week the pair discuss the latest developments concerning Rupert Murdoch and his company and how the PR sector may be benefitting from the scandal. They  also discuss how they think Google+ will fare in the open market.

Quiet News Day 88

13 Jul 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg


Scott Douglas is away still so this week Peter Laing has been joined by podcast regular Alastair Ross to talk about the biggest news to rock the media world this week the demise of popular Sunday tabloid News of The World.

Talking through the sensational decision from a Journalism, PR and Social Media perspective the pair delve deep into the reasonings behind and the possible implications it could have for the News International corporation and Rupert Murdoch’s empire.

As always links to the stories discussed are included in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day 87

6 Jul


This week Scott Douglas is off on holiday leaving Peter Laing to hold the fort. But keeping him company and slipping into the co-host chair is Young Student Journalist of the Year winner Alan Robertson.

 The pair delve into the delights of social media, journalism and public relations in a podcast which mixes the views of the experienced journalist and the new.

Top of the agenda is an interview with Craig McGill, managing director of social media firm Contently Managed, who discusses brand journalism and his new recruit Iain Hepburn. Next up is a topic which will have Mr Douglas’ ears pricked wherever he is as the duo discusses Twitter leaks by celebrities and the plans of the BBC to reign in what stars are allowed to tweet. And as Alan admits that he is a newbie to the world of Twitter discussions move onto the nation’s fear of communications technology. Rounding off the podcast is a look to the future of journalism with some insights from Charles McGee.

And here are all of the links to the topics discussed in today’s show.

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Quiet News Day 86

29 Jun 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg


This week your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing bring together the magic of everything social media, journalism and public relations in this spell binding podcast which is sure to get Dumbledore’s seal of approval.

Yes that’s right the duo talk about Harry Potter author J.K Rowling and her decision to offer her e-books via a dedicated Website rather than i-tunes. If that’s not enough the guys also discuss the latest developments at the Daily Record and Scott vents about how it often takes a world class wizard to find contact details on some of the world’s largest companies websites.

And as if by magic we’ve included links to all the topics discussed in today’s show notes below.

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Quiet News Day Podcast Episode 85

22 Jun 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Ears at the ready for episode 85 of the podcast which gives you all the latest journalism, social media and public relations news and views.

This week Scott Douglas and Peter Laing discuss the latest stories to rock the media world including Panorama’s underhand journalism tactics which accused Primark of using slave labour and how Alex Salmond unleashed a torrent of insults on one of Scotland’s best selling newspapers.

The duo also discuss one PR agency’s unusual approach to agency structure as well as the true entertainment value of 3D TV.

As ever links to all the topics discussed can be found in the show notes below.

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