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Quiet News Day – Podcast 81

25 May 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Welcome to this week’s Quiet News Day podcast which covers all the latest social media, journalism and public relations news.

This week your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing have been freed from the super injunctions and give their no holds barred view-point on some of the issues surrounding what has been one of the biggest legal stories of the year. The Kiss and Tell duo also take us through the issues surrounding twitter picture ownership, the ever blurring boundaries between adverts and editorials and the waining presence of Scottish PR personalities on some of the world’s top PR hot lists.

As ever, links to everything discussed can be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day Podcast 79

11 May 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Super injunctions at the ready its Quiet News Day episode 79, with your weekly dose of social media, journalism and public relations news.

Your hosts who can be named Scott Douglas and Peter Laing take you through the latest issues surrounding super injunctions and how social networks are pushing their restrictions to the limit. We also celebrate Scottish public relations and look at some of the companies who have made the industry’s top 100, as well as taking a look at coverage during the Scottish general elections. Just in case we’ve forgotten about all things Royal we discuss the phenomenal headlines made by Pippa Middleton.

If you’re left wanting more information, then don’t worry unlike a super injunction, you can find links to everything discussed can be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day Podcast 78

4 May 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Hello and welcome to episode 78 of Quiet News Day – your weekly update of journalism, social media and public relations.

Whilst the world witnesses the end of one of the biggest and longest games of hide and seek, your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing switch the search lights on and guide you through the part twitter had to play in broadcasting Bin Laden’s demise, as well as the rise of Arabic news channel Al Jazeera. Other hidden gems include the devolution of traditional media and the buy out of tweetdeck by social media giant Twitter.

To save you time seeking out these stories online our show notes as ever include links to all the topics discussed.

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Quiet News Day Podcast 76

20 Apr 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Hello all!

Your usual hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing, seem to have caught the election bug this week as they invite Alastair Ross from McGrigors LLP and Jason Wassell from DLA Piper, to discuss how the election is shaped and influenced by traditional and social media. With sensational headlines from The Sun, newspaper motives and the impact of hyper local blogging social networking this week’s podcast has it all.

As usual you can find links to all the items discussed in the show notes below and leave us a comment on twitter

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Quiet News Day Podcast 75

13 Apr 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Hello and welcome to your weekly installment of Quiet News Day.

This week Peter Laing takes a well deserved rest, so we have Scott Douglas at the helm taking us through space, Google, smartphones and CIPR and just in case we were missing him too much Peter has kindly taken time from his break to provide some interesting insights on the topics discussed.

More information about any of our topics can as usual be found in the show notes below.

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Quiet News Day – Podcast 72

23 Mar

Hello and welcome to this week’s Quiet News Day with your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing.

This week the show takes on a different format with a special interview with Roddy McRae who is the sales director of Pacific Coast News – a paparazzi picture agency based in sunny California.

He gives an insight into what it is like working in a world of hunting down celebrities and also talks about changes in the industry and how much a set of sought-after pictures could fetch. You may be surprised!

Quiet News Day – Podcast 70

9 Mar 07-jun-qnd-for-blog.jpg

Welcome to Quiet News Day with your hosts Scott Douglas and Peter Laing serving up your weekly slice of journalism, PR and social media.

For starters this week search engines have been over taken by a flock of Angry Birds as they join up with Bing, prompting the subject of the importance of Search and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). For mains we will be serving up the Freedom of Information Act with a side of David Cameron’s YouTube appearance which has taken the video world by storm. Then if you’ve room a trio of BBC Iplayer, Blogs and Caledonian Mercury’s Third Way for dessert!

Plenty to keep you going throughout the day!

Everything on our menu is included in the show notes below allowing you to get the most out of the podcast!

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Quiet News Day – podcast 60

22 Dec


Thanks for joining us for this week’s Quiet News Day podcast!  Shaun Milne (Deadline News) and Scott Douglas (Holyrood Partnership) discuss the must-have Christmas presents in terms of the iPad and Kindle, and what it means for the consumption of news.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for listening.


PR Moment study says Facebook is much more important to PRs than Twitter:


Jobs go at The Herald & Evening Times group just in time for Christmas:


Bad PR takes the rap for scientific row over new form of life in Arsenic lakeLinks:


Digital outstrips print ad spend:


How much is a Tweet worth?


Scottish Press Awards:


How are tablets likely to shape the future of news consumption:




How are Tablet computers likely to shape the future of news?

Amazon brings newspapers to Kindle Apps – starting with iPhone:



Reynolds Institute of Journalism begins major study into iPad usage on news consumption:


Murdoch’s new iPad only newspaper to launch in January at $0.99 per month:



PaidContent say Virgin’s iPad magazine (Project) has a few kinks to sort out:


While The Economist launches an iPad magazine called Intelligent Life:


Quiet News Day – podcast 59

15 Dec


Thank-you for tuning in to the Quiet News Day podcast.  This week Shaun Milne introduces a series of interviews that co-host Scott Douglas carried out a series of interviews after he delivered a speech to an audience in Edinburgh on how the web can be used as a tool for communications.

He was talking to a paying audience specifically about how modern social media strategies can help supplement and improve traditional communications in business.

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Quiet News Day – podcast 58

8 Dec

Howdy folks!

Welcome to another week of QND and what a chilly week it has been! But this week our very own Scott Douglas has put together a winter special to get you through the cold winter day.

He talks to a host of folks about social media and the Arctic weather we’ve been putting up with the past week and a half. It features;

- Atholl Duncan, Head of News and Current Affairs at BBC Scotland

- Matt Roper, Digital News Editor at STV

- Richard Neville, Deputy Editor, The Press & Journal

- Iain Pope, Online Editor at dailyrecord.co.uk

-  Stewart Argo, Media Manager at City of Edinburgh Council

- Craig McGill, Social media consultant and owner of Contently Managed

Narrated by Scott with an intro by host Shaun Milne and produced by Clare Carswell, what more could you need to keep you entertained on a snow day!

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